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I am a fearless koolkid explorer of the interweb!!1!

Umm, hi! I'm [name unavailable for now] and this is my website! I like to imagine that i put significant work into it, but that's not really true.

I'm into Linuks stuff, conlangs (and by extension linguistics), sometimes music, and from time to time videogames. If any of those things are of any interest to you, or you just wanna talk to somebody, maybe consider contacting me. This sounds kinda weird, but i like receiving random emails from people i've never talked to. Not like it's happened yet, but still.

Impressed by my web design skills? (Doubt it.) You can always ask me to give you a quick HTML+CSS lesson. But i probably know as little as you do :P. I'm saying this because i think everyone on the internet should have a website. 'Cause it's fun. And that includes you reading this.

Have a look around my website! I hope it brings a smile to your face :)